London trip – first day

For the first day of our trip, we had the opportunity to discover London city with a guide in a bus.

First of all, we saw the Thames and then we met the guide just in front of the London Eye. We stopped there for a few minutes. After that, the guide showed us many monuments and told us their story.

The Tower of London has a dark story as three queens lost their heads right there. The ravens flying around it are still crying their death.

Unfortunately, Big Ben was being renovated. The clock has a diameter of 6 meters and weighs 26 tons.

The Abbey of Westminster was first a royal castle, but because of the Thames’s smell the royal family preferred moving to Buckingham Palace since Queen Victoria.

In Trafalgar Square there is a statue of the Admiral Nelson. He died during the battle of Trafalgar and considering the fact that they won thanks to him, his body was not thrown into the sea as they used to do. In fact, he was brought back to England.


In conclusion of our first day here in London, we can assume that there are a lot of contrasts in this city. Its historical background is still dominating in every corner, but at the same time new modern buildings have been erected. Therefore, the highest tower of Europe is standing there through the clouds.

In the afternoon, we went to the Tate Britain Gallery which is dedicated only to British art from the Renaissance to the 80s.

Bouzoubaa Salma, Hezzaz Salma, Anzali Amine

London trip –  Second Day

Tate Modern is the museum that, since its opening on May 12, 2000, brings together the national collection of modern art and contemporary and international art, originally from the Tate Gallery. It is located in central London, Bankside, in the district of Southwark, on the right bank of the Thames.
We assisted to many exhibitions during our visit. Unluckily, we could not enter to Picasso’s one that was private. The museum locals were huge and its content very rich.We assisted to many exhibitions during our visit.


Journée 3 – The National Gallery

La National Gallery offre une des plus riches collections de tableaux au monde. Cet imposant bâtiment néo-classique héberge les chefs-d’œuvre de peintres célèbres comme Gauguin, Van Gogh, Matisse, le douanier Rousseau, Turner, Velazquez, Rubens et Vermeer. Parmi ces oeuvres à la renommée internationale, il y a The Ambassadors, une immense vanité peinte par Hans Holbein au XVIème siècle. Elle se compose de deux hommes richement vêtus qui encadrent une étagère contenant des objets scientifiques, un instrument de musique et des livres, symboles de l’invention. L’originalité du tableau consiste en une anamorphose au premier plan- os de seiche ? crâne ? – tout dépend de la position du spectateur.

La National Gallery contient d’autres œuvres moins connues mais toutefois impressionnantes comme  An experiment on a bird …  peinte par Joseph Wright of Derby au XVIIIème siècle. La technique du clair obscur est si bien utilisée qu’elle fait ressortir la peur de certains personnages face au sort destiné à l’oiseau de laboratoire et le caractère magistral du scientifique. Ceci amène à une vision à la fois péjorative et impressionnante de la science.

Ainsi la National Gallery est riche de milliers d’œuvres relevant de courants artistiques divers.

Aurélien Boussel, El Bouchikhi Adil

Télécharger ici un document sur William Turner

Journée 4 – Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare


Today we got to see a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s play, named Julius Caesar and in which the sound effects play a very important part. In fact, they bring life to the story and attract the attention of the audience. The modern aspect of the play also makes it more interesting and relatable as it reflects light on modern days politics and excessive violence. Although some students would have preferred to see the original version of the play to be more involved in Caesar’s day, it is still undeniable that this interpretation is an example of the universality and timelessness of Shakespeare’s work that has influenced multiple generations and a lot more to come.

Mountaha Bouchouika